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About American Diving

In 1985, American Diving moved from the commercial diving industry to the sport diving community. Since that time we have been introducing divers of all levels to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico right off the shore of South Padre Island.

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American Diving Staff

Capt. Tim O’Leary


Capt Tim O'Leary

divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Technical Operations Director
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) 35 years diving experience/ commercial diver
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) Diving Medical Officer / Commercial Diving Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Instructor Trainer / Course Director
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Technical Course Director
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) IANTD Mixed Gas Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) DAN 02 Instructor Trainer
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) PSI Inspector Trainer
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) First Aid & CPR Instructor Trainer
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) Equipment Repair Technician

U.S.C.G. 100 Ton Master

Captain Tim O’Leary is the Director of NAUI Worldwide Technical Training Operations, Course Director for NAUI Worldwide, Inspector Trainer for PSI, and the President of American Diving and Marine Salvage. He has spoken at many underwater symposiums, as well as contributing editor for Sources magazine, Advanced Diver magazine and NAUI Training publications. O’Leary has co-authored thirteen manuals on decompression for the science community

Tim O’Leary has hosted an array of scientific symposiums and conferences for the decompression science community. Tim has spoken at the UHMS conference on Deep Stops. He has had several government contracts for teaching Closed Circuit Rebreathers for military applications. He has dived in Asia, South Pacific, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Mexico, Central and South America, and the United States both as a commercial diver as well as a technical diver instructor trainer.

O’Leary received a DMT and CHT from Jo Ellen Smith Medical Center at the Baromedical Research Institute. He has worked as Commercial Diving Instructor at the Ocean Corporation. He currently serves as a consultant for the offshore oil and insurance industry, and is a Level III NDT Technician. He is a contributor to to the NAUI RGBM Tables and related products that have been developed exclusively for NAUI Worldwide and NAUI Technical Training Operations. He has written numerous monographs on technical diving subjects as well as authoring most of the NAUI Technical Training manuals. He is a member of the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), Society of Naval Architect and Marine Engineers (SNAME), National Association of Diver Medical Technicians (NADMT) and is an Admiral in the Texas Navy. Tim Holds a B.S. in zoology from Texas A&M. Tim speaks both English and Spanish.

Captain Diane O’Leary

Instructor/Vice President

divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Instructor Trainer
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Technical Diving Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) Nitrox Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) First Aid & CPR
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) PSI Inspector
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) Mixed Gas Blender Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) USCG Master License

USCG 100 Ton Master

Diane O’Leary is a deep gas diver and instructor on both open circuit and closed circuit systems. She has dived in the South Pacific, South America, United States and has been the first women to ever dive the USS Perry on a deep gas expedition. Diane is a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines and speaks German, Spanish and English. Diane holds a B.A. in Journalism from Arizona State University. Diane also holds a 100 Ton Master License

email: [email protected]

Capt. Kenji Hoshino

Boat Captain / Divemaster

divbulle.gif (201 bytes)USCG 100 Ton Master License.
divbulle.gif (201 bytes)40 Years Experience.
divbulle.gif (201 bytes)NAUI Divemaster.divbullePSI Inspector.divbulleFirst Aid & CPR.


Ray Hunley

Technical Instructor Trainer

divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Technical Instructor Trainer
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Instructor Trainer
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) 100 Ton Master License
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) Closed Circuit Rebreather (PRISM) Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) Mixed Gas Blender and Service Technician Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) First Aid & CPR Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) Certified Flight instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) DAN Instructor Trainer – all levels


Michael Reams


divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) PSI Inspector
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) First Aid & CPR
divbulle.gif (201 bytes)USCG 100 Ton Master License.


Hayden Draker 


divbulle.gif (201 bytes) NAUI Instructor 
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) First Aid & CPR Instructor
divbulle.gif (201 bytes) PSI Inspector
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